Planner Shop Directory

Welcome to my online planner shop directory. Please note that this page will be an ongoing project and added to gradually over time, starting with the online shops that I personally use.

If you have or know of an online planner related shop that you think should be added to the list, please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All shop details and reward bonuses are correct at the time of publishing. LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2018


NameSellsRewards ProgramAfterpayInternational Shipping
Beehaven DesignzInserts, Functional Stickers, Sticker Kits, AccessoriesNoYesYes
Black WombatFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories YesNoYes
Blue Gum LaneInserts, Functional Stickers, Sticker Kits, AccessoriesYesYesYes
Chasing Planner PeacePlanners, Inserts, Dividers, AccessoriesNoYesYes
Cynamin DesignsPlanners, Functional Stickers, Kits, Washi, AccessoriesYesYesYes
Fox and CactusFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories, WashiNoNoYes
Heartfelt GreetingsPlanners, Functional Stickers, AccessoriesNoYesNo
Honey Suckle PlanningFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories, Custom OrdersYes - Get $3.00 off your 1st orderYesYes
Labelled With LoveFunctional Stickers, Sticker KitsNoNo?
Lady B CreationsFuntional Stickers, Sticker Kits YesNoYes
Lime and MortarFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits. Accessories, Custom OrdersYesNoYes
Luscious LabelsFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Custom OrdersYesYesYes
Plan It BeautifulFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, InsertsYesYesYes
Planner Sticker AUFunctional Stickers, Sticker KitsNoYesYes
Student PlanningFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits Yes - Get 10% off 1st orderYesYes
Studio KylieInserts, Functional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories, Custom OrdersYesYesYes
WashiGangPlanners, Functional Stickers, Washi, Inserts, Dividers, AccessoriesNoYesYes
Washi LanePlanners, Functional Stickers, Washi, Inserts, Dividers, AccessoriesNoYesYes
Witchcraft by JessiFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories YesYesYes
Zahlia Rose DesignsFunctional Stickers, Sticker Kits, Accessories YesYesYes