This is the page where you can read all the fun legal stuff for my blog. If you have any questions, please email me at craftgeekordie@gmail.com.


Affiliate Disclaimer

From time to time, I may or may not include affiliate links in my posts. What is an affiliate link? It is a link to a website or product where if you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

All affiliate links that I choose to post are of products and / or services that I personally recommend.

You are not at all obligated to view or purchase anything through these links, however if you do, profits will go towards improving the site.


Opinion Disclaimer

The majority of views and opinions expressed in this website are solely that of myself, Lindsay Mansfield. The views and opinions expressed on this website by guest contributors are solely that of their own and may or may not represent those of Craft, Geek or Die as a whole.


Disclaimer of Liability

The material and information contained in this website is for general information and entertainment purposes only. Information in this website should not be relied upon for business, legal or any other decisions.

The author / creator / co-contributors will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of the access, use or inability to use this site or any third-party websites.


Copyright – General

All content and images contained within this website is owned or licensed by Craft, Geek or Die, or its affiliates EXCEPT when showcasing the work / talents of others. All shared content remains the property of its original creator, and is credited to said creator, with links leading back to the source material. All information in regards to the original creator and links are correct and working at the time of publishing. I can not be held responsible if one of these links becomes unavailable in the future, or if the creators details change.

Please DO NOT copy & paste from my website directly to another. You may link back to Craft, Geek or Die or directly to one of its posts. You may use my images on blogs / websites / social media, providing: You do not claim the image to be your own, and that you provide a link back to the relevent post, AND the watermark is NOT removed.


Copyright – Patterns, printables, Freebies

All patterns, printables and freebies that are created by myself are the copyright of Lindsay Mansfield, and can not be resold or claimed to be your own.

Items made using my patterns may be resold with credit given to myself, Lindsay Mansfield, as the patterns creator, and a link back to the pattern if possible.

Patterns, printables and freebies may not be taken and posted directly to any other website, blog or other form of media, past, current or future. You may link directly to the pattern / printable / freebie post and use the relevent images, providing they are not claimed as your own.


Patterns, printables, Freebies Disclosure

I can not guarantee that items made / printed from my patterns / printables / freebies, will yield the same results as my own.

While I try to make sure all my patterns are free from mistakes at the time of publishing, from time to time some mistakes may be missed. While I will endeavor to correct these when notified, I can not provide full support for my patterns.

Colours of printable my appear different on-screen compared to the printed product due to differences in monitors, printer quality and type of paper used.