Happy Mail: Witchcraft by Jessi

More Halloween Happy Mail treats, this time from Witchcraft by Jessi.

Witchcraft by Jessi Happy Mail Contents:

  • Something Witchy Sticker Kit (with glitter headers)
  • Halloween Kitty Stickers
  • Trick or Treat Stickers (fundraiser for RSPCA)

I ordered the eight page supreme kit, which also came with glitter headers (see the image below). I love how the artwork is the same as the die cuts I ordered from Honeysuckle Planning.

These halloween stickers are just so adorabubble! All funds raised from the sale of the spooky cupcakes goes towards the RSPCA, while the skelly kitties reminds me of the Skelanimal plush Chicken (Hubby) got me for our first Valenines Day (who he named Nimpy).

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