Travelers Journal: Devonport Road Trip

It had been way too long since our last holiday and I had been feeling the itch to go exploring. Combine that with a promise to visit the North of the state to our Son and a music concert in the middle of nowhere – and we had ourselves a road trip in the making.

With time enough to only get away for the night, I wanted to make the most of the journey by taking roads we had never travelled before, which was easier said than done. The original route I had mapped through the centre of Tasmania would have taken us along dirt roads that would not have been safe after days of rain. I had been hoping to visit some of the abandoned Hydro Electric towns on the way, but it was not worth the risk without a 4WD. We still took a central route, but one where the roads were sealed.

We had thought there may have been a chance of seeing a little bit of snow on the way. When we came across a light dusting, we stopped to take some photos and to introduce Avacyn to her first snow. We had no idea what we would find further up the road.

After stopping at Arthurs Lake for a snack, we continued driving along Poatina Road. The snow became so thick that there were times we were wondering if we should turn back. A snow plough had cleared the other side of the road, so we switched sides when we had to and when it was safe. The snow was so magical. I had seen snow before, but never like that.

We stopped for lunch at Poatina, before making our way to Deloraine – which I loved. I bought some incense, and found a wonderful shop with vintage stationary, where I bought some metal letter-press letters.

Next stop was Sheffield – Tasmania’s town of murals. It was only a quick one as it was getting rather late in the afternoon and rain clouds were hot on our tail.

We arrived at our destination, Devonport, around about 5:30pm. I had been there a couple of times when I was much younger and had never thought much of it, but this time around was different. Maybe it was just the sun at that time of day, but everything seemed green, with colourful spring flowers blooming and view out to Bass Straight breath-taking.

We stayed at the Formby Hotel which was opposite the Spirit of Tasmania Terminal. Link thought it was amazing to see the ship leaving for Melbourne. The room was not what we were expecting in the best of ways and was the perfect choice and price for a family. We had dinner downstairs in the restaurant which was equally as good. That evening I drove Adam to his concert in Forth – a 10 minute drive from Devonport, then heading back to the hotel for some R&R (or as much as you can get with two excited kidlets running around).

The next day we had a quick look in a few shops before making our way to Launceston, via Deloraine for another quick stop. Once in “Launy”, we visited the Penny Royal where Link and I panned for gold. We made one last stop, visiting the Monkey’s in City Park (which Link thought I was lying about until he saw them) and it was time to head home – but not before making a stop at Campbell Town to stock up on lollies and sweets at A Little Piece of Heaven.

I had so much fun putting together the pages in my travelers journal as there were so many memories gathered in such a short amount of time. The map is the same one we used on the trip, and I loved being able to include some of the trinkets that I collected on the way – especially the “gold” that we found at the Penny Royal.

I stitched our travel route onto a map using embroidery floss. The text “washi tape” was made using some old books we picked up for free in Deloraine.

Drawing details, sketched out from our photos, then inked using Uni Pin Fine Line Pens.

I love these pages so much that I am certain that I have already looked over them a hundred times. I can not wait to add our next adventure.

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