Happy Mail: Aliexpress Stationery Haul (Vintage Stickers & Papers)

About a month ago, I went on a little mini AliExpress stationery shopping spree, mainly going for things I can use in my journal. It was has been fun checking the mailbox each day to see if anything new has arrived.

AliExpress Stationery Haul Contents

I was super impressed with these stickers. There are 60 in a pack with 20 different designs, printed on thin washi paper. They are larger than I was expecting and are perfect for travel notebooks and journaling. There are also several other themed packs available.

What I love most about this 60mm washi (apart from the design) is that it has its own paper backing, making it not only easier to cut to size, but I will be able to cut out individual designs and use them like stickers.

These papers are just stunning! I wish I had ordered two packs now as I didn’t realise that they are double-sided, each printed with a different design. Each set contains: 8 sheets 8cm x 6cm, 4 sheet 7.5cm x 12cm, 6 sheets 14cm x 10cm, 6 sheets 11.5cm x 15cm and 6 sheets 12cm x 17cm.

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