Planner Spread: PI-KA-CHU!!!

The first time I ever played Pokemon was on an old school black and white Gameboy in a local department store. Growing up in the 90’s, my whole family was into collecting cards. We had become friends with the owners of a shop called Cardzone. Going there every Friday night was like a tradition. Spending our pocket-money on cards, hotdogs for dinner from the local joint, Plutos, and drinking way too much Coca-Cola. It also gave me freedom.

While we were there, I was allowed to visit some of the other shops in the area – providing I let my parents know which ones. One of my favorites was Harris Scarf, so I could play what ever demo games and consols they had running. Usually it was only Tetris on the Game Boy. That was until they released Pokemon Blue and Red in Australia.

This week I have used a free printable kit by Anacar Lillian, and I am rather pika-pika-pleased with how it looks.

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What I Used:

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