Washi Tape Background Tutorial

When I decided to add a washi tape background to this page, I knew there had to be a better way of doing it than just cutting each piece to fit before sticking it down. I wanted to make sure my line around the image was clean and shapely. Using tracing paper (or baking paper in my case) was the perfect way to create a template. Here is how I did it.


Using tracing paper (or baking paper), place a sheet over your page and trace the area you want to add the background to. This is now your template.


Apply your washi tape to the template, being sure to overlap each strip and to cover the template lines.


Turn the template over and cut along your traced lines, giving yourself a half-inch allowance around the page edges.


Carefully peel the washi off in one piece and stick it to your page.


Trim off the excess washi and you are done!

If you loved this tutorial, please let me know and I will do more in the future. I would also love to see anything you have made using this technique, so please feel free to show me your projects in the comments below 😀





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