Happy Mail: Prima Traveler’s Journal

Once upon a time I used to be a journal girl, typing away my adventures and troubles, my dreams and random musings. I have been reading back over my journal from 15 years ago and it is crazy to see how much I have changed. At times I feel like I am reading about a completely different person. But as someone who is a wanna-be-author, it has also been rather inspiring, not just for fiction writing but for me to once again start journaling.

I bought the Julie Nutting Prima Traveler’s Journal Set from WashiGang – along with a whole stash of other goodies, including washi tape, an enamel pin, and matching flamingo pens – one for myself and one for my daughter who is flamingo mad.

The traveler’s journal comes with two inserts: One kraft cover with blank pages and one pink cover with pink grid paper. So far, the paper has been a dream to write on. The cover is made from bonded leather, has 4 elastics and two planner charms. Refills are the standard 110mm by 210mm.

WashiGang Happy Mail Contents:

I am in love with my traveler’s journal, although as crazy as it sounds, I was a little scared to use it as it is just so pretty and perfect. But I know that using it to channel my creativity will make it even more beautiful, and something for me to treasure for many years to come.

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